Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice

Judge Judith Atherton,
3rd Dist. Chief Justice Designee
Senator Stuart Adams
Utah State Senate
Camille Anthony
Dan Becker
State Court Administrator
Susan Burke, Director
Juvenile Justice Services
Kathleen Christy
State Office of Education
Adam Cohen
Chair UBJJ
Lance Davenport
Department of Public Safety
Sim Gill, SWAP
Statewide Assoc. of Prosecutors
Salt Lake District Attorney
Clark Harms
Board of Pardons & Parole
Representative Eric Hutchings
Utah House of Representatives
Chief Mike Larsen, Pres.
Chief’s Association
Orem Police Dept.
Judge Elizabeth Lindsley,
3rd Dist. Juvenile Court
Judges Rep.
Richard McKelvie
Asst. U.S. Attorney
Sheriff G. Lynn Nelson
Sheriff’s Association Cache Co.
Stan Parrish
Citizen Representative
Rollin Cook
Exec. Director
Dept. of Corrections
Reed Richards
Crime Victim Council
Weber Co. Sheriffs Office
Mark Shurtleff
Utah State Attorney General
Gregory G. Skordas
Utah State Bar Rep.
Lana Stohl
Div. of Substance Abuse &
Mental Health
Carlene Walker
Sentencing Commission
Ron Gordon
Executive Director CCJJ

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Our agency hours are 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

State Capitol Complex
Senate Building Suite 330
PO Box 142330
SLC UT 84114-2330
Office: 801-538-1031
Fax: 801-538-1024