Extradition occurs when a state, through legal request, returns an individual to another state for prosecution or sentencing on crimes committed in the origin state. In Utah, extraditions are governed by the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act, Utah Code Title 77, Chapter 30 where "it is the duty of the governor of [Utah] to have arrested and delivered...any person charged in that state with treason, felony or other crime who has fled from justice and found in [Utah]." The Act, referred to as Chapter 30 is available here and provides a legal overview of the extradition process.


Our Policies

On behalf of the Governor, CCJJ coordinates the return of fugitives from other states to Utah.  Upon authorization from CCJJ to return a fugitive, the Extradition Coordinator approves the cost and means of transportation.  Because the State’s extradition budget is a defined amount, the Extradition Coordinator must utilize the limited budget resources to maximize the benefits to public safety and the interests of justice. 

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