STATE Funding

The Commission provides supplemental funding to state, local, and nonprofit agencies to assist their initiatives to improve criminal and juvenile justice related services and programs using state grant resources. Contact information for the grants management team can be found at the bottom on our main grant page.


Utah State Task Force Grant Program (STFG)

Contact Information: Richard Ziebarth:

CCJJ administers STFG through the Law Enforcement Operations Account (LEOA). CCJJ is required to grant funds from the LEOA under the State Task Force Grant program (STFG). Grants are awarded to criminal justice service providers in order to address illicit drug use and other crime issues. The first priority of the STFG grant program is to provide operational support for Utah’s established multi-jurisdictional drug and crime task force units. The second priority of STFG funding is the reduction of illegal drug activity through education, prevention, treatment and research programs.

  • No open solicitation for STFG grant projects at this time
  • STFG grant application forms currently unavailable

Utah State Asset Forfeiture Grant Program (SAFG)

Contact Information: Richard Ziebarth:

CCJJ administers SAFG grants through the State forfeitures collections in the Criminal Forfeiture Restricted Account (CFRA). SAFG grants are awarded to governmental agencies through a formula award process. The SAFG program provides funds for criminal justice services and projects throughout the state.

  • No open applications for STFG grant projects at this time

Hospital Response Team Grant Program (HRT)

Contact Information: Danielle J. Bird:

CCJJ administers HRT grants through State appropriated funding. Collaboration among community and system partners is fundamental to a sexual assault victim’s treatment following a report of a sexual assault. The Hospital Response Team staff can also act as a liaison between medical staff, law enforcement, and/or any of the victim’s family or friends who may be present at the hospital. Additionally, the Hospital Response Team staff may be able to assist with logistical or other advocacy concerns pertaining to the victim’s return to a safe place following the sexual assault examination.The Commission recommends collaboration among community and system based partners (local and state law enforcement agencies, mental health agencies, non-profits working with survivors of sexual assault, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, etc.).

  • CCJJ is currently accepting grant proposals for the Hospital Response Team Grant. Responses are due by Friday May 3, 2024 at 4:00 PM. Please contact Danielle Bird at for questions. 

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Pretrial Services and Supervision Grant Program  (PSS)

Contact Information: Richard Ziebarth:

The Commission awards PSS grants from the Pretrial Release Programs Special Revenue fund to county agencies and other agencies the Commission determines appropriate to assist counties with establishing and expanding pretrial services programs that serve the purpose of: assisting a court in making an informed decision regarding an individual's pretrial release; and providing supervision of an individual released from law enforcement custody on conditions pending a final determination of a criminal charge filed against the individual.

  • No open solicitation for PSS grant projects at this time
  • PSS grant application forms currently unavailable

Beer Tax Program

Contact Information: Morgan Williams:

The Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement and Treatment Restricted Account provides millions of dollars in new beer tax funds annually to municipalities and counties to be utilized for alcohol-related prevention, treatment, law enforcement, prosecution and confinement programs. The Beer Tax Program is administered by USAAV+ Council. The funding is only available to counties and municipalities through a tax distribution set forth in statute.

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