Juvenile justice oversight committee

The Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee (JJOC) was created within CCJJ and is statutorily responsible for overseeing the implementation of the juvenile reform efforts and for gathering and analyzing data that measures the impact of the policy changes. Reform policies elevated the use of evidence-based programs and practices in Utah's juvenile justice system. Utahns benefit from this because research shows these approaches promote public safety, hold youths accountable while controlling costs. The JJOC ensures that policy objectives are being fulfilled with implementation fidelity, oversight, data monitoring, and ongoing research evaluation.


2024 Juvenile Justice Bills

Several juvenile justice related bills including HB 362 that passed this latest 2024 General Legislative Session made several changes to the juvenile justice system. The summary below provides the primary changes on school based offenses and reintegration plans. The column on the left shows Pre-HB 362 policy, while the column on the right shows policy that goes into effect May 3, 2024. 

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Transparency Site

2017 General Session House Bill (HB) 239 legislatively requires CCJJ to oversee implementation and evaluation of juvenile justice policies. CCJJ fulfills this charge through the efforts of stakeholders from all three branches of government who participate in the JJOC. Reform is an ongoing process and will encompass many other policies that is brought forth to the governor and legislature. This site groups the JJOC’s responsibilities into 9 categories and documents the progress of the committee in these areas.
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School-based Offenses

The following school offense referral guide indicates whether law enforcement or school personnel can charge or refer youth to court if the offense occurs on school property and was committed by an enrolled student. The guide provides examples of offenses that could happen on school property but it is not a comprehensive list.

Referral Guide

Latest Annual Report

Monitoring performance metrics of core policy initiatives ensures that Utah is on track for meeting reform goals while providing an avenue for potential areas to further explore. In this latest annual report we give an update on how the system is performing four years after the passage of HB 239.

FY 2023 Report

MEET THE committee

Van Nguyen

Director, Juvenile Justice Policy


Tiffany Nguyen

Program Specialist


Brett Peterson, chair

Patty Norman, vice chair

Tom Ross

Pam Vickrey

Sonia Sweeney

Judge Steven Beck

Angela Adams

Carolyn Hansen

David Litvack

Sgt. Jeremy Barnes

Blake Murdoch

Christina Zidow

Chief Matt Johnson

Rhett Larsen

Scott Taylor


Shauntelle Cota

Erin Jemison

Charri Brummer

Martín Munoz

Katsí Peña

Karlene Kidman

Alex Yrungaray